curated by James Putnam 

OPENING 6th MAY FROM 11:00 TO 19:00

FROM 7th MAY TO 2nd JULY 2021

ARTISTS ON DISPLAY: Acci Baba (Japan, 1977) | Lauren Baker (UK, 1982) | Mat Chivers (UK, 1973) | Bert Gilbert (UK, 1979) | Baptiste Ibar (France, 1977) | Katya Kan (Kazakhstan, 1984) | Silia Ka Tung (China, 1974) | Iyvone Khoo (Singapore, 1975) | Moses Quiquine (UK, 1996) | Eloise Van Der Heyden (USA, 1983) | Koen Vanmechelen (Belgium, 1965) | Nicol Vizioli (Italy, 1983)

Now Representing:


We are proud to announce representation of Tafadzwa Adolf Tega (Harare, 1985).

The artist currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Born in Zimbabwe, his art is influenced by his uncle and older brother, who are artists as well. His subjects are shaped by strong socio-political events that have left a mark on his homeland and its inhabitants. They are suspended in a tension between the uncertainty towards the future and the will of change, resulting in a celebration of the present.

Tega's works are part of numerous important collections, both private and public, between Africa and Europe.